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Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai
500 – 2000 AED
Open 19:00
Start 20:00
7 may, 2023
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“Let go and fly”, “On the other side”, “I live best of all”, “Tender”, “MMM”, Still, Boomerang, Good Love - these and many other well-known compositions, the premieres of new songs were included in the concert - this all the best that can be sung about love.

EMIN has repeatedly become the winner of the Golden Gramophone award, the musician also has prestigious awards in his collection: World Music Awards, awards from MUZ-TV and RU.TV channels, GQ, HELLO magazines and many others.
19:00 – Gathering of guests
20:00 – Emin concert
21:30 – Gala dinner at Belcanto restaurant
22:00 – After-party
You can deny yourself a lot, but not another reason to celebrate life with Rockit! On the night of May 7, the Dubai Opera amphitheater will become a point of attraction for the most sophisticated audience in the world, and all because there will be a concert of incredibly talented artist Emin!
about the event
Gala Dinner at Belcanto Restaurant
After the concert, we invite the most sophisticated gourmets and lovers of beautiful music to an unforgettable gala dinner together with Emin at the Belcanto restaurant. Enjoy the high culinary skills of chefs and live music of talented artists in the most luxurious Italian restaurant in the city.
This event is for true connoisseurs and those who know how to enjoy life in all its manifestations. Book your seats in advance and be part of this great event!

Reserve / Info: +971 54 797 0427
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